Life is About Outcomes

Life is About Outcomes This article originally appeared in Amalgamate: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business, Summer 2015 Let me share a concept that I was exposed to by Phil Symchych, the Business Wealth Builder. The core of his practice centers on the question, “What does your Personal Balance Sheet look like?” The balance sheet […]

Google Healthcare Insights

Google Healthcare Insights Last month, I hosted a Google Partners event where we took a little peek under the hood at Google’s data in the healthcare world. Before, during and after, our little group shared some experiences and insights and I’ll share 3 of them with you. (at the bottom you’ll find links to the recording and […]

Disengaged and Actively Disengaged

Disengaged and Actively Disengaged Gallup has some information that says 72% of your employees are disengaged. And 18% of those are what they call, “actively disengaged.” Sobering thought. 

Effort and Results and Humans

Effort and Results and Humans Effort and results. With Daylight Savings just beginning, my internal clock is way off and I feel tired/unproductive, which makes me think about effort and results. Specifically, where is the optimal intersection of effort and results?

Fortune Cookie Wisdom #5 – Hire Personable Copycats

Hire Personable Copycats. Top companies attract top people. One of the ways that happens is by hiring for personality and the new hire’s ability to emulate proper behaviors. Before you hire the next person, do two things: strip away all the past accomplishments and accolades and ask, will we like working with them? Then put […]

Newsletter #2 – Progress, Self-Talk, Pictures, Wilson

GREG’S RIGHT FIT NEWSLETTER Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week. Welcome to the first edition of my weekly, week-end primer. In anticipation of my upcoming book, The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth, this newsletter has concise advice you can put it use. . .next week, […]