Teleseminar: Measure Twice, Act Once

Measure Twice, Act Once: Simple, effective sales and marketing metrics How will we know it’s working? What if I told you that is a loaded question to ask a consultant? This teleseminar will identify communication traps that slow marketing campaigns and business development efforts to a crawl and then offer some advice on what works best when establishing […]

What is Management?

What is management? WorK, with a hard K, is trading your time and talent for treasure. That’s why it’s called work. You’re supposed to contribute to the company and make a profit. Management requires you to reward top performers and move the bottom performers out. That’s it.

Fake News, Advertising, and Programmatic Buying

Fake News, Advertising, and Programmatic Buying In December, the New York Times ran an article about fake news and advertising networks, “Advertising’s Moral Struggle: Is Online Reach Worth the Hurt?” It’s a story about the challenges of algorithms picking ad placements in networks based on following prospects wherever they might roam online. What caught my […]