Predictions – This time for printers and marketing agencies

Occasionally I’m asked to peer into the future and write about what I see. That happened last December. My friends at CANVAS magazine asked me to pen a few thoughts. You can read about it here: Bank on ’em (really, you should) from December 2018.

Let me summarize some of my ideas for those who can’t be troubled to navigate the interwebs.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will create immediate new opportunities. (read more)
  2. Low unemployment will force you to develop talent via modern apprenticeships. (read more)
  3. Your next best sales professionals will come from content experts learning sales skills, versus sales professionals learning content. (read more)
  4. Printers and marketing service providers will absorb client’s key marketing functions. (read more)
  5. Customer service managers will turn away from tech companies for inspiration, going back to consumer giants like Disney, Four Seasons, and Starbucks. (read more)

I say with confidence, the 2019 predictions I just put in front of you will come true. How confident am I? 40%, because as I read in a recent Wall Street Journal article, pundits say it’s the magic number for never having to say you were wrong.

My expert advice is to choose 40% of what I write and take it to the bank. I made it easy for you, I have five 2019 predictions, just pick two. As of February 27, they all still look good.

You can read it all here: Bank on ’em (really, you should) – Five predictions printers and marketing agencies can embrace from December 2018.