Paid vs. Organic Traffic – Which is Better?

Organic vs. Paid Traffic – Which is Better? This one came up twice yesterday. (which may or may not mean something. . .Netflix vs. Amazon Prime came up twice too) Some quick thoughts.

Content Marketing

Love it.

Direct Mail Friday

It’s Direct Mail Friday It’s a joy to get a visit from the mailman and occasionally he brings me goodies that are worth discussing. Yesterday was no exception.

Tell a Story, Increase New Customer Acquisition

Tell a Story, Increase New Customer Acquisition Those who have worked with me in the past probably knew this post was coming. The power of the story. Using analogy to communicate. It’s how we as humans have communicated from the beginning. With stories. It’s how we’re wired.

Should I Leave a Voice Mail Message

Some quick thoughts on how to leave a voice mail message.  Yes. We’re going here. Since we’re in the midst of Election Season, the ads are coming in fast and furious. And the robo calls. And occasionally live person calls. Listening to these calls I am thrown back into my days working a call center. […]

Marketing on Mobile

Who will crack the mobile marketing nut? Who will crack the code on how to market on mobile? Facebook? Twitter? Google +? Pinterest? Tumblr? Not sure. I know who is winning the battle right now. Email.


Are you ready to be inspired?    Two horrible birds. Love it.

Inventory Management with a Direct To Garment Printer

Inventory stinks. The nature of a retail startup involves “guessing” at what inventory to carry. And as our friends at Dell said many years ago, the result is “you end up with inventory, which is the physical embodiment of bad information”. I started an online apparel company a few years ago. Mad Gringo. One of the products […]

Facebook, Google Adwords, Analytics and the Power of Impressions

What’s the ROI? The beauty of our wired world, as my techie friends will tell you, is that once our activities are reduced to bits and bytes, we can track anything. Think about it. I am logged into Google+, my browser is a cookie monster, and when I’m on your site you know how long […]

Gimme an A! (some thoughts on A/B testing)

Some thoughts on A/B testing.  When I get to expound on the same topic 3 times in one morning, it’s time to “blog it out“. A/B testing. Optimization. Google Experiments. Site improvements. Script improvements. Sales material improvements.