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Marketing on Mobile

Who will crack the mobile marketing nut?

mobile marketing

Head down!

Who will crack the code on how to market on mobile? Facebook? Twitter? Google +? Pinterest? Tumblr?

Not sure.

I know who is winning the battle right now.


Yep. Think about it. More than apps, more than browsers, probably more than voice calls we use our phones to look at email. Newsletters. Personal notes. Business correspondence.

Need some 3rd party evidence?

Jakob Nielsen at useit.com cites his study group of 14 opening 191 emails in the time period studied. 5 days. Really. Read it here.

So what can you do with this information? Good question.

Start with content. Are you sending any?

Next, move to formatting. How does it look on your iPhone? Android device?

mobile marketing

StyleCampaign.com’s Testing Rig

That’s where to begin.

Email is immediate, it’s easy to ignore (and that’s a good thing), it’s naturally social because it can be forwarded, and it’s in your voice. Or it should be.

Good stuff.

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