Strategy in Hours

The following is taken from Chapter 3: The Vision – Strategy and Planning are Not the Same Thing, in my book, “The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth.”

It’s time for your first strategic vision exercise. The days of 5-year and 10-year plans are gone. Time and distance, regardless of your industry, is compressing and each step you take into the future changes that future. To work in this new reality, you need a process for setting a strategic vision that doesn’t take a retreat, multiple days offsite, or thick binders of materials to be produced. You need a process that lets your leadership team—your small, agile leadership team—quickly set a strategic vision that your planning committee can work with. Let me show you how we do it.

Step one: Start your strategy sessions by framing this concept

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Sales and Marketing Consultant

Article for Insightful Accountant, February 2019

“We’ve decided to hire another firm.” Are there scarier words in a service-driven business? Especially a CPA firm where clients can take years to decide to hire you in the first place. There are multiple issues that impact client retention, but today I want to focus on one. The transitioning of a client between a senior partner and an associate.

In this article for Insightful Accountant, I discuss three ideas for improving client transitions inside your firm. The ideas are Perspective Check, Empathic not Telepathic, and Becoming the Future. Read about each one here:

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Tactics for Managing Marketing and Sales Roles

We need to cover what to do with your sales and marketing staff. They are the experts in developing new business and naturally resistant to any encroachment into their turf. The day you walk in and announce that everyone sells, their eyes will roll. It’s natural. They are the professionals, no one can do what they do. In this section, we’re going to discuss how to smooth the transition from an organization with siloed sales staff to a company where everyone looks for opportunities. To start, we define marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL).

Leads are individuals or organizations that are in the market for, or have expressed an interest in your goods and services. We break leads down into two types, the MQL and SQL. The easiest way to understand the difference is using Figure 6.3.

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This Marketing Best Practice Isn’t Working – Why Not?

Marketing Consultants Online

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The phrase “best practice” is casually tossed around by marketing consultants, but if they’re “best,” why don’t marketing tactics translate across industries or even within industries? First things first, best practices are a set of guidelines, beliefs, or ideas that represent the most efficient course of action.

“Company X did this, in this fashion, to get these activities, and got these outcomes. You should get the same outcomes if you repeat those same activities, in the same fashion.”

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Wait, how much?

How Do You Overcome Price Objections

My work in lead generation results in a special by-product. Pricing discussions.

In this article, I’ll give you a framework and some language that clients find helpful in working through price and pricing. On the decision making continuum from simple to complex decisions in sales, these ideas are most helpful for complex decision making. If you’re selling toothpaste, you’ll find this less helpful than if you’re selling cloud storage solutions, but it may be interesting nonetheless. In your next complex sales discussion, these three ideas will help you navigate pricing conversations and price objections.  Read more

How Strong is Your FIT?

Fit Assessment

This article originally appeared in Amalgamate: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business, Winter 2015

F.I.T. is my shorthand for your company’s ability to Focus; its ability to cater to Individuals; and its ability to leverage technology and training Tools to grow.

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You’re Going the Wrong Way 
This morning I was in a sales meeting when a role play broke out. Listening to the questions and answers, I thought, “You’re going the wrong way!”

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Google AdWords Campaign Planning Template, Worksheet This is my 3-Minute One Product, One Solution AdWords™ Worksheet. There’s a link to the pdf at then end that contains a sample filled out worksheet. I’m resurrecting this because I received a call from a client that I had designed a lead generation campaign for over three years ago. His niche […]

Deep Down, We’re All the Same

same but different sales tactics

This article originally appeared in Amalgamate: A Mix of Ideas for Your Business, Winter 2016

“My industry is different.”

I hear this regularly in response to my advice. “That may work for them, but our industry/people/ prospects/offer is different.”

That’s true. That’s why, ultimately, you have to make it work for your people. You have to make it fit. Read more

Measure Twice, Act Once: Simple, effective sales and marketing metrics


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How will we know it’s working?

What if I told you that is a loaded question to ask a consultant? This teleseminar will identify communication traps that slow marketing campaigns and business development efforts to a crawl and then offer some advice on what works best when establishing KPIs. Read more