Gimme an A! (some thoughts on A/B testing)

Some thoughts on A/B testing.  When I get to expound on the same topic 3 times in one morning, it’s time to “blog it out“. A/B testing. Optimization. Google Experiments. Site improvements. Script improvements. Sales material improvements.

Fast Company talks about The Pivot

The Pivot. I’m drawn to any use of the word Pivot. Just as I was about to brag on this article series, I noticed: But just because the word “pivot” is at the tip of every tech founder’s tongue–and almost all will agree it’s an overused term- Nice. In this instance they are using it […]

Direct Mail is Dead?

“DIRECT MAIL IS DEAD!” I’ve read it here and there. The demise. Close the Post Offices. Eliminate Saturday delivery. But then my postman shows up. Leaning a little to the left. Looking a little strained. With some effort, he handed me this catalog. Check it out:

Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management Quick hit today. In a waiting area today I could overhear a peppy sales person (maybe customer service person?) following up with a prospect/customer on the phone.

Expand your definition of ROI

“What’s the ROI?” Quick thoughts on what has to be the most popular question I get once my proposal gets to the CFO. “What’s the ROI?” (quickly followed by “What guarantees do you have?” – I’ll address that one at some point. . .swear.)

The Miracle of New Business Development

I get excited about new business opportunities. Sometimes too excited. When that happens and I’m trying to explain the process, I can practically hear this cartoon taking place in my client’s head:

What’s a Facebook Follower Worth?

I love reading articles like this: What’s a Facebook Follower Worth? – Wall Street Journal Some exerpts:

Optimizing Emails for ‘Images Not Displayed’

This is the blocking and tackling of email marketing. Among the thousands of messages I get in my email are many, many offers. Here’s a good one from Land’s End. This is my favorite part:

What to do with new business ideas

It’s happened again. Your partner came to work with another idea for how to find customers. Before dismissing it with a “Yeah I’ll get right on that when I finish everything else I have to to”, take a minute and define a few things. Not all ideas are good ones, but all it takes is […]