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How to Script Your “Why Us?” Video

How to Script Your “Why Us?” Video

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Clients are adding more video content to their websites and most popular are the “Why Us?” videos, as in, “Hello viewer, this is why you should choose us versus our competitor.” Before you sit and shoot, get that script down. According to my video guru, it’s the number one way to make sure your video rocks. He even made me watch a movie on television show runners, http://www.showrunnersthemovie.com, that hammered home the point. If just having a video used to be cutting edge, having a strongly scripted video is what’s separating the best from the rest today.

Here’s the thing about scripting and videos for small business though. It’s best to have the business owners or principals in the videos, but they are terrible at reading scripts. Reading a script is an art, and even the best actors need time to get it down. Just watch SNL as proof. One of the first videos I was part of took a day to shoot because the business owner ended up memorizing the script on the spot. It took way too long.

So what do you do?

Most video production people have figured out that instead of tight scripting, you just script the questions for the interview. It works well. The business owner sounds natural because they are answering questions, and the shooting goes much faster.

Here’s my three points of added value for you:

  1. All answers to the scripted questions need to address the viewer directly using second person pronouns,
  2. The topics of the questions need to focus on the viewer’s pre-engagement state of mind,
  3. Ask for lots of b-roll and a second camera angle to make yourself sound human.

Before you start shooting, make sure you and your production people have addressed those three points and the video will be effective.

Why are these important? Because it makes the video more human.

Second person pronouns talk directly to the viewer. If I’m listening to someone address issues in the third person, it’s just not as engaging. “Clients come to us wondering if. . .” is interesting, but “You’re probably wondering. . .” talks to me directly.

The topic of a Why Us? video should address the most common questions that prospects have before they talk to you. You’re the content expert, you know the most common questions you get. Your future prospects will have the same questions. Address them. “You’re probably thinking. . .” builds trust because it hits on competence. (see my trust and selling post)

B-roll and a second camera angle makes sure you don’t look like you’re giving the viewer a creepy death stare. You may be a natural on camera, but if there is some relevant b-roll and different camera angles of you speaking, the viewer won’t drift as they’re watching. Knowing what questions you’re going to answer will help inform the video people where to look for b-roll. (B-roll is supplemental or alternative footage. Think of a story being told and a cut to a flashback as the speaker is talking.)

Be aware of these three points and the end result is something you’re viewer will be happy with because it talks to them directly. You’ll like it because  you’ll look knowledgable and human.

Good stuff.