Sales and Marketing Newsletter #107 – Luck, Walking, Laughing

Sales and marketing Newsletter

Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Admit it. In the grand scheme of things, if you’re reading this note, life has been good to you. You’re pretty lucky.
  • There are some people that struggle to come to grips with the idea that luck plays any role in their life. I think that’s okay. If it’s hard to pinpoint where hard work and talent and serendipity come together, there is nothing wrong with defaulting to focusing on what you control.
  • The only time it’s not right to pooh-pooh luck is when you come across someone who has not risen above their circumstances. It is possible to work hard and have talent and never get a break. Don’t look down on that unfortunate soul. It happens.
  • Next week, make some luck. Put yourself in a situation where serendipity can take hold. Talk to a stranger in line. Be generous with your time. Say yes to something you don’t want to do. Say yes to someone that needs a lucky break. Keep your good fortune rolling.

Being Human – Walking

“Everywhere is within walking distance, if you have the time.” -Stephen Wright

benefits of walking

What is walking distance for you? The research on walking suggests a strong correlation between walking and fewer cravings, walking and weight control, or walking and easing joint pain. Anecdotally you know that we spend too much time sitting, it feels good to stretch your legs, and it’s hard to have an adventure while driving. Walking, therefore is good stuff.

Here’s an exercise that I picked up from the aptly named Alissa Walker. Learn your neighborhood, inside and out, by walking.

Use this tool to draw radius maps on Google Maps. (click)

When you play with the radius, keep in mind 1 mile is roughly 20 minutes of walking.

Now, in a 3 mile radius – 1 hour of walking one way – what’s at the fringes of that map that’s interesting? That’s a day trip.
In a 2 mile radius – 40 minutes one way – what do you see at the edges now? That’s a long walk with the dog.
In a 1 mile radius – 20 minutes from your home – what do you see? You should know that area like the back of your hand.
My surprise is looking at the 3 mile radius. It contains everything I do, everyplace I visit regularly, and most of the people I know. Probably 90% of my time is spent in that circle, but there are parks, monuments, and countless other items that I know nothing about. Like I said, surprising.

Time to explore.



Random Stuff

Cleaning the closet

I mentioned in my last note that if you’re trying to get rid of some stuff on ebay, tell a story. That inspired me to dig through my closet where I dig up 3 camcorders, a couple cameras, and my 1985 Pentax K-1000. (the latter, in all it’s mechanical, non-digital glory, is the most valuable thing of the bunch)

While I catalog and inventory my goods, I find a few old digital tapes and one memory card that I haven’t touched in years. It has a few random camera shots and this gem. 10 seconds of my then four year old making his mother laugh. (link to the video)


It’s my kid, so of course I think it’s adorable, but take a close look at the pure satisfaction on his face between :05 and :07 . . . well, I just hope to be that delighted with myself someday before I’m gone.

(He’s a senior in high school now. When he finds out I put this in an email, I’m dead.)



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