The Convergence of Publishing and Ecommerce – Get Elastic

The Convergence of Publishing and Ecommerce

Converging Publishing and Ecommerce

Publishing Intersects with Ecommerce

Have I written about Get Elastic? It’s a blog from the kind people at Elastic Path who specialize in helping the big boys sell digital goods and services. As a general rule, the posts are informative and the writers have great links for you to follow when you’re in the mood for discovering the latest thinking on ecommerce, checkouts and online transactions in general.

The reason I’m bringing them up today is their latest post was about a world that I pay some attention to. Publishing.

My lovely bride is deep into blended learning in the classroom and one of her big challenges is dealing with the somewhat antiquated world of textbook publishing. So when I spied a link to a video of a roundtable that was sponsored by Elastic Path and included Pearson Education, I was in for the full 40 minutes.

It’s worth running in the background because they all do a good job of describing the challenges of the new world of publishing and some of their ideas for monetizing their IP. It left  my mind racing.


Good stuff.

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