The Future of Sales


The constant news cycle centered around AI and machine learning forces leaders to consider where to apply this new knowledge and capability. Do we work strictly with existing data? What about security? Can it make my forecasts more accurate? And, if the robots are coming, when will they replace those pesky salespeople? What is the future of sales and selling?

Your poor sales team. While technological advances have come to nearly every back office function and even touched on those good-looking people in marketing, the sales team is left with nothing. “Be sure to put all your data into the CRM,” they’re told but when will they get some shiny new toys to make their lives easier?

It’s happening now. And to help you orient yourself in this new world, I put together a presentation where I cover some of the advances in technology that I’ve been testing with clients, as well as making some predictions about how these changes will shake out and what you can do about it.

A new presentation

Get Your Sellers Ready for the Robots is an all-new program focusing on the challenges around implementing new technology in the opaque world of sales and sellers. This recorded presentation is designed for business leaders, their marketers, and sales managers that want to hear about tools and technologies that are being put to use right now, and how to prepare for the tools of the future. We use examples from companies that I’m working with today and apply the age-old communication skills and decision tools that sellers have used since the start. (Because selling is the oldest profession on earth – often confused with another one.)

Listen to my ideas on the future of selling here.

The presentation covers:

  • Which types of sales and selling opportunities will be impacted by technology, first.
  • How to differentiate between the tools available for your business.
  • Processes and training to lay the groundwork for advances in AI and machine learning.
  • Where your sellers can add value in the future, and where they can’t.
  • The best steps to take after the teleseminar.

Here are two visuals I used for the seminar:

To describe the flow of technology adoption in sales I use my Product Complexity/Budget Prioritization grid.



And to describe whether you should think of marketing driven tools first, or focus on sales driven tools first, I use the Marketing or Sales grid.


Get your sellers ready for future of sales, today.

Listen to the Teleseminar: Get Your Sellers Ready for the Robots

Good stuff.