Data as Currency?

Data as Currency? Did you see this article? I picked it up from my friends Datafiniti. (Gracias)

The Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity As I may have mentioned, The Psychology of Influence is one of my favorite books. Dr Robert Cialdini.

Long Tail Demand and the Direct to Garment Printer

Long Tail Demand and the Direct to Garment Printer A few weeks ago I made reference to a life lesson learned with my old garment business, Mad Gringo. The lack of data inherent in that business manifested itself in inventory and violated one of my other life lessons: keep cash in hand. Not all was […]

Starting a business

Starting a business Greg, how did you make the decision to start a new business?

The Newsletter That Was

The Newsletter that was Here’s a copy of the newsletter from Nov 14th. All for you. The Week of November 12

Facebook Pages Changes Again

Facebook has changed again. That picture has been popping up all over FB fan pages as Facebook does its best to tamp down the relative spamminess of  what shows up in your personal FB feed. Page managers aren’t happy to see their engagement numbers drop and as they look to drive those numbers back up […]

Plumbers Butt and Marketing Copywriting

Plumbers Butt and Marketing Copywriting Have you met Duluth Trading Company? I met them via a friend. I’m a sucker for a funny story. I’ll get to that, but look at what happens on my first visit:

Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics

Getting Started with Google Analytics The question of the week have all been Google Analytics related. Like “where did you get that?” Since I get to evaluate businesses that use Google Analytics, I thought I’d walk you through part of my process.

Let’s do some Contact Database Marketing

Contact Database Marketing You’ve been in business for some time now. Over the years you’ve accumulated a good size database. The time has come to put those relationships to use! 3 Steps Where do we start? Same place we always do, we measure.

Sal Khan from Khan Academy

Wisdom from the young and brilliant. Once you make it past the MIT love fest, there are some real gems in there. My favorite? “Don’t waste inspiration.” Good stuff.