Newsletter #77 – Holidays, China, Lambeau Event

Gregs Right Fit Newsletter

Quick notes to help you get more done in less time. . . next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Holiday weekends are great for re-charging and re-connecting with friends and family. A four day weekend may stretch the limits of that theory. Keep one day to yourself.
  • Look at the rest of your calendar year. Mark off the days you want to take vacation. Mark conferneces and training you want to attend. Fit work into the rest.
  • While you’re at it, schedule time to just sit quietly. It’s silly that we’d have to set a timer to be bored, but these days, it’s an advantage.
  • Consider buying some of your time back by hiring help.


Being Human – Time marches on


I’ve been watching the new PBS series The Story of China because host Michael Wood visits many of the same cities our family visited last year.

(at the Xi’an Gate)

What is striking about the way Wood tells the story is through 4,000 years of continuous culture, the number of ups and downs the Chinese have been through. They have been at the top of the heap or holding on to the bottom rung multiple times. It’s become part of who they are, the story they tell themselves. If culture is a collection of behaviors, it was easy to see on our trip that the Chinese were behaving as if their rise is inevitable. What has happened, will happen. It’s time to get back on top.

In the stories we tell ourselves, the past is clear because it’s set, it has happened. The future is constantly changing. If you haven’t done this exercise recently, it’s worth doing this weekend. Remember what the world was like 10 years ago. Where your business came from and how you communicated with your customers. Now fast forward to 10 years from now. What changes? Where will you fit?

Don’t panic, just let an idea form and play around with it. Today isn’t all that much different than ten years ago, but it’s easy to get lost in the changes. Answer these questions: What’s the same as it was ten years ago? What will probably be the same ten years from now?

Good stuff.


Random Stuff

Will this support me?

Quick note to my future self. If you have to ask the question, “Do you think this will support my weight?” don’t climb on it.


What are you having?

Another quick note. After a friend’s wake and an impromptu mid-week gathering at the local dive bar, I’m learning that you don’t answer, “What do you want?” with, “Whatever you’re having.”

Want to go to Lambeau Field?

There are three “count me in’s” and two more who want to learn more about the Getting New Clients workshop in Lambeau. The interested parties are partners in law firms, a partner in a CPA firm, the owner of a marketing firm, and an entrepreneur. A good mix and the conversation could get lively.

A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Let me know if you want to hear more. If you missed it, the idea is from my Ultimate Rainmaker series.

“Getting New Clients: What to do when golf isn’t enough.”

Getting New Clients is an all-new program that I’ve designed and will deliver. It will be a highly participative, interactive workshop that focuses on the conversation required for sales acquisition in the professional services sector such as attorneys, accountants, advertising executives, engineers, consultants, or entrepreneurs who own or manage personal services firms. Basically anyone that needs to bring in more business, and wants to do it faster and with less effort.

It will be a day and a half of seminar/workshop. I want to do it in Green Bay this September, right before the Bears vs. Packers Thursday night game.

In addition to the learning event, I’ll include:

Legendary tailgating at the new Hinterland Brewery–across the street from Lambeau.
Tickets to the game.
Optional golf on Friday in Kohler WI at one of the American Club courses.
If you’ve never been to Lambeau before, it’s amazing. If you have been there, this event will show you some new things.

A good workshop is between 12 and 18 people. I have started making calls. I’ll have the details soon.


Booking Calendar
If you need to set up a time to visit, follow this link: