Sales and Marketing Newsletter #246-About FIT, People are good, Decorah

Sales and marketing Newsletter

Quick notes to help you grow your business in less time with less effort. . . sometime next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • FIT isn’t an excuse for your people to only do the activities they enjoy doing. It’s a way for them to do the things they dislike doing, but in a way they will savor.
  • Inherent in FIT is the idea that ANY of your people can find new business and grow existing business. Some results will be better than others, but even the tiniest of inputs add up to big growth. 
  • You’re looking for consistency from your team. A single raindrop doesn’t carve a rock, but drops applied consistently, over millions of years, can add up to a canyon.
  • Think of it like a best practice. However, instead of applying a blanket best practice to your business, you’re looking to apply individual best practices to each and every member of your team.

Being Human – Most people are good

Fortune Cookie Wisdom


Most people are good.

The human race exists on a continuum. 10% of people are predominately bad and 10% are predominantly good. The rest of us fall in between. We’re not perfect, but we try to do the right thing. Realize that and act accordingly.

Good stuff.

Random stuff

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – attributed to Mark Twain

Trout Run Trail

The fabulous Driftless Region of the USA is a big area of the country between Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. It’s beautiful. Steep, dramatic, forested ridges, deeply carved river valleys, spring-fed waterfalls, and cold-water trout streams. There are even underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves. It’s a big area, nearly 24,000 square miles, and includes the upper section of the Mississippi River.

My lovely bride and I explored two square miles of this terrain while driving through. A little town named Decorah, Iowa. They have a trout hatchery and a lovely trail around the city right next to the river. While walking, I spot my first bald eagle in the wild. Big bird! She is no dummy because with the fish hatchery right there, it has to be like living next to a Golden Corral all-you-can-eat-buffet. Good ROI for a big bird.

We stayed at a renovated hotel next to the Steyer Opera House called the Hotel Winneshiek. It was originally built in 1905 and completely renovated in 2000. Giant windows, big heavy doors, a fancy bubble tub. Tiny TV. We procure goods at the local establishments and enjoy some of their food provisions before driving on.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I only have a few minutes today. We’re at the wedding of my nephew and I’m being put to work. I’ll tell you more about it later.


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