Right FIT Newsletter #170: Thinking time, Start anywhere, Fix it

Sales and marketing Newsletter

Quick notes to help you get more sales and marketing done in less time. . . next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Since this note is catching you at time when things are good, it’s a good time to take inventory of your daily tasks. It may be time to let some regular activities go.
  • Email checks before bed are a no-no. A sure way to ruin a good nights sleep is to receive a nasty, combative comment or bad news. You’re better prepared to deal with things after a good night’s rest.
  • Learning something new is one thing. Teaching it to someone is something else. If you want to speed up your learning, try teaching.
  • For next week, keep in mind that you’re not there to increase speed. Your value lies behind your eyes and between your ears. Give yourself time to think.

Being Human – Start anywhere, go everywhere


The problem with revenue growth processes is that the process creators forget we’re not machines. We’re human beings.

Stop struggling with the process by letting go of the order but keeping the structure in mind.

Start anywhere in the process and be willing to go everywhere. Be in the moment. Listen and respond accordingly.

Start anywhere, go everywhere. Sounds simple, but it’s not easy.

Random Stuff


I can do this!


As I may have mentioned, I have a love/hate relationship with my truck. I’m a typical 4×4 owner in that this beast only gets on trails once in a blue moon and has only had the “Low” and “Hill Assist” engaged while in the driveway. Because of this, every repair has to be carefully considered because, in the end, there’s a price tag on how much I love Big Blue.

Last month, while battling potholes I notice she is a little bouncy so when her fluids are changed, I ask them to check it out. As is typical, the verdict is “the whole thing is shot and will cost $10K to replace.” In this case, the whole thing is referencing the air suspension. A feature that lets the driver add 6 inches of clearance when traversing boulders or drop 3 inches when in “sport mode” (which I found out also drops the gas mileage to half it’s already low mpg, but that’s another story). This fancy air suspension is what I love best about the truck, although I never use it as intended. I simply get joy from looking at the terrain dial and imagining myself in the life of the person who gets to use it.

I tell the repair man that I need to consider it and drive off, bouncing a little more over every bump and ridge.

Fast forward to today. I run out of the house at 5am because we’re out of coffee. On the drive, I hear a terrible crunching noise and the other thing the repair man said comes flashing back in my brain, “And your front bearings deperately need to be replaced.” Of course they do. Though “desperate” was a month early by the sounds of it.

I get home, brew a pot, and hop on the interwebs, looking up the noise, making sure I have the diagnosis right. Everything is out on the web now, with men in driveways sharing videos of how they are fixing their trucks and saving thousands! I’m 7 minutes into a video about Front Hub Replacement when my lovely bride comes up behind me wiping the sleep from her eyes.

“I need to fix Big Blue,” I say to her, right as the video guy starts whacking away at his old hub assembly with loud cracks. I mean, he’s really whacking the heck out of this thing.

She puts her hand on my shoulder, leans in, and squinting at the monitor says, “Like you fixed the screen door?”

I turn back to the monitor and she heads to the kitchen.

Once she’s out of the room, I look over at the screen door. You know, the one Wilson the Amazing Border Collie punched through last summer. The loose screen part flaps a friendly “hello” to me in the wind.

I turn back, click the red X in my browser and make a mental note to review my budget and call the car guy.


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