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Quick notes to help you get more sales and marketing done in less time. . . next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Not everyone on your current leadership team will retain their position or status on your future team. It happens. Sometimes it’s because of skill, sometimes it’s a talented new hire, sometimes it’s external, but it’s always a tough conversation. Keep your focus on the objective.
  • We humans are terrible at predicting the future. We tend to overestimate, especially when imagining the benefits we’ll receive or how painful an experience will be. The latter has kept our kind out of trouble for generations. Next week, consider a painful event you’ve been avoiding because my guess is the pain is overestimated.
  • We are better with change than we give ourselves credit for. The journey to get there, especially the first steps into the black box of ambiguity, is what we have problems with.
  • Speaking of change, small changes add up. Take a piece of paper and fold it 50 times. How tall would it be? If I said “to the moon” would it melt your brain?


Being Human – Know what your job is. . .

Modern Stoic selling advice from an actor?

I can’t remember if I’ve plugged Derren Brown’s book, “Happy, Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine” lately, but it’s great. One man’s reaction to our affinity for self-help-happiness-porn and his recommendation for adopting a modern version of stoicism. Highly recommended.

In the book is a powerful idea from actor Bryan Cranston who is opening a new play on Broadway this week, Network.


“The best advice for fellow actors is this: know what your job is. . .An actor is supposed to create a compelling and interesting character that serves the text and to present it in the environment where your audition happens, and then you walk away. That’s it. Everything else that happens is out of your control, so don’t even think of that, don’t focus on that.

You’re not going there to get a job. You’re going there to present what you do. You act. And there it is. And walk away. There’s power in that. . .

It’s also saying ‘I can only do so much,’ and then the decision of who might get a job is so out of your control that. . .it makes no sense to hold on to that. . .

Once I adopted that philosophy, I never looked back, and I’ve never been busier in my life.”


Ooh. Shivers. Good stuff to consider this week.


Random Stuff

Pod man​​​​​

Thank you for all of the DJ set list suggestions last week. Late Saturday night, Laura and I had an impromptu dance party making it through about half of the list. As my sister termed it, Empty Nesters Gone Wild. Good stuff.

This week I have a podcast to share with you. It just dropped, as they say:

new podcast


We talk about the state of buying and selling in the printing industry but it’s broad enough that you’ll get something good from it. Easy listening, goes down smooth.



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