Business Growth Newsletter #192 – Practicing, Don’t G*** it, Physicals

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Quick notes to help you grow your business in less time with less effort. . . sometime next week.

In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Hope is not a strategy, they say. That may be, but hope is a useful mindset compared to doubt, especially when it comes to finding new business because it leaves your brain open to work on possibilities. I’m saying you’ve got a chance.
  • One’s principles are useful when dealing with generalized circumstances, but not so helpful when digging into specifics. Keep that in mind when hearing a prospect say something you’ve heard before. Double check meaning.
  • Part of getting better at intellectually demanding tasks, like business development, is practice. While the 10,000 hour rule may be debated, the idea talent needs time to consider and rehash experiences to improve makes sense. It’s hard to improve just sitting at your desk. Engage Maverick!
  • Eyeball the next week and find a task or event where hiring a substitute will free up time for talking to customers and prospects. The extra expense will result in some interesting conversations and, with practice, a new opportunity.

Being Human – Privacy!

“Snickers! Privacy!” – my daughter yelling at the cat years ago


“Google it.”*

I put that in my newsletter a week back (Search? I don’t think so) and immediately heard from my friend Mark Hurst, the host of the Techtonic radio show. I’ve mentioned Mark before (#54#71#72#124, and #168) so I should have known better than to be so glib about Google. This note is my disclaimer.*

*When I say people “Google it” I should remind you to remind them there are alternatives to the heavy societal cost that comes with using Google. After Mark’s reminder, as if on cue, 50 state Attorney Generals lit up my news feed with their antitrust probe announcements. Big tech on trial.

My note today is a reminder using Google’s products is passive approval of their business practices. (including profiting off pedophilesterrorist propagandaconspiracy videoshate speech, and more)

I know. It’s exhausting. I feel the same way, making it easy to throw my hands up and just give in, handing everything over to the tech giants and telling myself, “who cares if the big robot learns that I love The Smiths and have a thing for epic martial arts movies?” I get it. At the micro level it can be hard to care.

My advice is simply this: be aware of what’s going on. Take note of alternative technology which is easy to train yourself to use and can easily become a habit. Start with this list from and maybe instead of saying Google it, say “Duck it” instead. (As Mark points out, it’s more fun to say Duck it anyway.)

As my alter ego the Mad Gringo used to say, there’s more to being human than the “push for more and more.” After all, as mega billionaire David Koch learned, you can’t take it with you.

Good stuff.

Random Stuff


“Big hands I know you’re the one”” – the Violent Femmes


I just had a physical. All things are good. Nothing unusual for a man of my, ahem, experience.

In the room with my doctor was a normal sized, above average looking young medical student who took her turn doing to me everything the doctor did.


That’s all I’m saying . . . besides thank goodness she inherited mercifully small fingers.


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