Greg’s Right FIT Newsletter #173 – Sleep, A new article, Dish towel

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In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • Endeavor to try new activities after a good night’s sleep. Alternately, when you’ve had a fitful or short sleep, put off trying new things. It will improve your results over time.
  • Each year, right before the garden is planted I need to spend an inordinate amount of time clearing weeds. The garden’s weeds life force is annoying but a little inspiring too.
  • Very often, our people are out to fix things that are wrong. The problem with that is, most of the time, things work pretty well. Direct your energy into finding things that are right, then sharing those best practices internally. A second benefit is focusing on right instead of wrong keeps your people just a little off balance.
  • Establishing a quick business case when deciding direction is a great way to do less and get more from what you do. Good ideas are plentiful but need help to come to fruition. Piling another good idea on one that hasn’t been established ends up with two ideas languishing. Take a minute and build a business case before you start, then keep the other ideas on the shelf until you need them.

Being Human – Growth under stress

“Growing is a challenge, and when you try it under stress, it’s even more of a challenge.”


Lucky me! I have a new article to share with you. It’s in the April edition of Canvas Magazine and you can access it here:

Growth Spurt: Why you have to treat convergence right


Random Stuff


Might be out of the country. . .

​I see a big church and a really long dish towel.


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