Right Fit #145 – Business Growth, Pain of Performance, Costumes

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In this issue:

– Techniques for FIT
– Being Human
– Random Stuff

Techniques for FIT

  • An easy way to think about growth is to divide your business into existing/new customers and existing/new products. Focus on growing the existing products to existing customers segment, first. Increasing customer share is primary because they know you and your work.
  • The second focus area for your growth is existing products to new customers. The reason it works is because you have customers that can vouch for the quality of your work and stories you can tell about expected outcomes.
  • The third focus for growth is to identify areas where you can bring new products to existing customers. They know you and your work, so there is trust you can build on as you iterate on your new product delivery.
  • The last area to focus on is new products to new customers because it’s tough. Don’t believe me? Ask your local startup who lives in this world. No trust, no track record, and nothing but a promise to offer makes for a rocky path.


Being Human – The pain

The Pain of Performance


You can choose the pain of performance, or the pain of nonperformance, but there is no way to escape the pain.

In order to reach a goal, we’re going to have to live with some amount of discomfort. You would think that means you can avoid discomfort if you don’t do anything, but that’s not the case. The pain of not doing anything is there too. I heard a CEO interviewed once about why there was so much emphasis in business on growth and he replied, “if you’re not growing, you’re in a slow-motion liquidation.” It’s true. The opposite of the pain of performance is the pain of nonperformance. The question isn’t how to get out of the pain, it’s where you want to be when the pain stops. Get your team to choose the pain of performance. The views from the top are much better.

  • As the boss, your job is to model behavior for your leadership team.
  • The way you set sales metrics for your leadership is the same way they will set metrics for their direct reports.
  • There will be pushback, be ready for it.


Random Stuff

Why didn’t Greg come?


The neighbor put out their Halloween decorations last weekend. The theme is “Witch” with an outline of witches over a cauldron and some green flying witch lights dancing above the door. For many years, my in-laws ran Spirit Halloween stores, the main benefit of which was numerous costumes. Over the years I was a gladiator, Fred Flinstone, a taco, Magnum PI, a Roman centurion, Jesus, Tinky Winky/Stinky Drinky, and as you can see, a Viking.

The Viking costume was my go-to costume for years for many reasons. One is I felt clever for combining it with a big black penciled in uni-brow and mustache, plus a mullet wig, along with a fancy horn hat. Two is that women seemed to enjoy the short, skirt-like tunic and the fake fur topped boots. Third is the year that picture was taken, UFG (Uncle Greg) had a Halloween party in his backyard. Since it was like a family event, I went all in for the Viking – grunting, growling and a lot of stomping. As usually happens at parties, I get separated from my bride and we circulate independently. That night I grunted, growled, and drank beers with everyone, including Laura’s Aunt Janie.

As the night wound down, she turned to Laura and said, “Why didn’t Greg come tonight?”

I loved that costume.



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